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Test your
Objection Handling Skills

From first contact to closing, objections are part of the selling process.

  • Call on a new account and you'll hear "We're not interested, we're happy with our printer".
  • Ask for an appointment and the response is likely to be "I'm too busy so call me in 6 months" or "Send me some literature first".
  • Submit a quote and you'll hear "I can get the same job elsewhere for less".
  • And ask a closing question and the answer is usually "Let me think it over and I'll get back to you".

Here's your chance to measure your ability at this all important selling skill. See if you can answer the following 10 skill testing questions.

1. The most effective way to handle an objection is to prevent it from occurring. What simple technique will permanently prevent your prospects from saying;
"I'm not interested, I'm happy with my printer"
"I can get the same job elsewhere for less"
"I want to look at a few more quotes before I decide"

2. How can you close the prospect that wants to talk to his partner first?

3. What simple test will instantly tell you if an objection is true or false?

4. How can you land the job when your prospect says "I wants to think it over"?

5. How can you close the sale without answering your prospect's objection?

6. What simple statement will force your prospects to answer their own objections?

7. What is the first thing you must do when your prospect objections?

8. When you're stumped by your prospect's objection, what response will buy you time to think?

9. What 3 techniques will allow you to close the prospect that says "We don't have the budget"?

10. How can you save the sale when the prospect says "We've decided to order from someone else"?

Your success in print sales is directly proportional to your ability to overcome objections
Sooner or later every sales presentation reaches a pivotal point, where the job teeters upon your ability to overcome the prospect's resistance. In other words, your success is directly proportional to your ability to overcome objections, so don't leave this skill to chance. Order Breaking the Print Sales Barrier today and discover the field-tested responses that overcome buying resistance and turn objections into sales.

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