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that Drive Ad Sales

Discover the field-tested techniques and strategies that North America's most successful account executives are already using to grow their client base and increase earnings.

Selling magazine ads in today's competitive marketplace is vastly different then it was just a few years ago. The marketing bedrock of the magazine industry; the once unshakable Media Kit no longer sells; decision makers are more difficult than ever to reach; they don't return our calls and when we finally reach them we quickly discover that they're not interested in magazine advertising. But these challenges should not be costing you sales.

As you listen to this field-tested program you'll learn simple solutions to your most difficult prospecting challenges and you'll discover ready-to-use scripts that are guaranteed to generate as many qualified appointments as you can handle. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

How to prevent the receptionist from screening your call
Using this simple technique you'll reach twice as many decision makers while cutting your prospecting time in half.

Never again get brushed off by an advertising agency
You'll learn how to force the agency to take a serious look at your book even after they've finalized their media plan.

Avoiding common prospecting mistakes
Tired of hearing prospects say "I'm not interested, I'm happy with my advertising campaign"? This response is the result of a common prospecting mistake and you'll learn how to eliminate this objection forever.

Turn all objections into sales
You'll discover how top income earns land the appointment even when the prospect says;

  • I'm not interested
  • Not now, business is slow
  • We're under contract
  • I'm too busy to meet
  • Just send me your media kit
  • Our ad agency handles all our advertising

A powerful script that instantly identifies the decision maker
Don't waste your time looking for contact names on the web or searching through outdated directories. Using this field-tested telephone script you'll instantly get the decision maker's name and your call will never be screened.

How to use voice mail to your advantage
You'll learn how to circumvent your prospect's voice mail and you'll discovery powerful voice mail messages that get a response.

How to find out everything you need to know about your prospect's existing marketing campaign
You'll discover a well guarded prospecting secret that top income earners use to get insider's information and you'll learn how to identify your prospect's marketing needs, before taking to the prospect.

Ready-to-use, field tested telephone scripts
You'll discover professional written, ready-to-use telemarketing scripts that will generate as many appointments as you can handle.

- Plus much, much more! -

How to reach, hard to reach decision makers
18 prospecting rules that you must know
The Tipping Point, the exact point when prospecting activity pays off
Never mention the words publishing, magazine or advertising
Call on an agency? Discover what they want to hear
Your media kit is cost you sales – discover why
How to get the prospect to answer your probing questions
How to use Universal Benefits to pique the prospect's interest
Why top income earners never hand out a rate card
How to sell the prospect that is happy with his marketing campaign
How to use vertical marketing to increase sales and earnings
A simple formula that generates an income of $100,000 a year
How to grow your client base without making a single cold call
Establish credibility and position yourself as an industry expert
Discover the magic words that your prospects wants to hear
"Farming" - the best kept secret of high income earners
Learn to identify the real decision maker; it's not who you think
Discover the secret to closing the appointment by phone
The three steps to successful cold calling
Instantly pique your prospects' interest and hold their attention
Why up-selling your existing accounts may be a costly mistake
Save time – learn to qualify your prospects by phone
Door to door canvassing techniques that get results
Sell Ted, Aim and Pam, the only decision makers you’ll ever meet
10 deadly prospecting mistakes and how to avoid them
Instantly find out anything you want to know about your prospect
Increase your earnings by working smarter, not harder

Download now. Audio program. Time: 93 minutes, Only $49.95

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