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Discover the field-tested techniques and strategies that the industry's most successful publishers are using to drive ad sales in today's competitive marketplace.

Ebner Seminars

The publishing industry's 4 best selling sales development programs together in one comprehensive library that is GUARANTEED* to increase ad sales.

The publishing industry has changed. The good old days when selling an ad was as easy as making some cold calls are dead and gone. Getting an appointment with a decision maker, at a new account, is more difficult than ever; most decision makers keep their voice mail on 24/7; if you leave a message they don't return the call and when you finally get through the standard response is "I'm not interest." or "Send me a media kit".

Although the industry has changed, there is no shortage of opportunity - it's just that to be successful in today's competitive marketplace you need to take a different approach to ad sales. Download the Ultimate Ad Sales Library today and discover the field-tested strategies that the industry's most successful publishers are using to drive sales. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

Order Now Grow Rich Selling Magazine Ads (Soft cover book, 242 pages)
Over 150 field-tested tips, techniques and strategies that unlock the door to ad sales success.

  • How to overcome magazine advertising scepticism
  • Discover RICC the secret to ad sales success
  • How to sell a multi-tiered campaign instead of an ad
  • How to position yourself as an industry expert
  • Why you must stop sending media kits
  • Using Universal Benefits to pique your prospect’s interest
  • Ted, Aim and Pam the only prospects you’ll ever deal with
  • How to sell frequency
  • How to sell against a magazine with a higher circulation
  • What you need to know about co-op advertisings
  • Why you must focus on CPR instead of CPM
  • How to sell against web and direct mail marketing
  • Ready to use responses that turn objections into sales
  • How to instantly tell if an objection is true or false
  • How to avoid answering the objection
  • How to eliminate common objections
  • How to make a high priced seem affordable and easy to accept
  • Up-selling techniques that really work
  • How to sell against a magazine with a lower CPM
  • How to deal with discount requests
  • How to use the Ad Shuffle to eliminate price competition
  • How to close the sale when your prospect says, "I can place the same ad in your competitor's magazine for less"
  • Plus much, much more!

Order Now Prospecting Strategies that Drive Ad Sales (2 Audio CDs, approx 93 minutes)
Includes field-tested scripts that make prospecting easy. Stop being blocked by voice mail. Prevent the receptionist from screening your call. How to sell the prospect that is happy with his existing marketing campaign. Plus much, much more!

  • How to reach, hard to reach decision makers
  • Ready to use telephone scripts that generate great results
  • 18 prospecting rules that you must know
  • How to prevent the receptionist from screening your call
  • How to use voice mail to your advantage
  • A powerful script that instantly identifies the decision maker
  • Double your appointments by avoiding this common prospecting mistake
  • How to find out everything you need to know about your prospect's existing marketing campaign
  • How to sell the prospect that is happy with his existing marketing campaign
  • How to use vertical marketing to increase sales and earnings
  • A simple formula that generates an income of $100,000 a year
  • How to instantly establish credibility and position yourself as an industry expert
  • Discover the magic words that your prospects wants to hear
  • "Farming" - the best kept secret of high income earners
  • Discover the secret to closing the appointment by phone
  • How to instantly pique your prospects' interest and hold their attention
  • Save time – learn to qualify your prospects by phone
  • Door to door canvassing techniques that get results
  • 10 deadly prospecting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Instantly find out anything you want to know about your prospect
  • Increase your earnings by working smarter, not harder
  • How land the appointment when the prospect says "I'm not interested"

Order Now Get the Insertion Order Now (2 Audio CDs, approx 66 minutes)
Turn prospects into paying advertisers. Land the account without asking for the insertion order. Learn to test your prospect's buying readiness. Eliminate procrastination. Plus much, much more!

  • Why a powerful presentation is not enough to land the account
  • How to recognize hidden closing opportunities
  • The 8 closing rules that top income earners live by
  • How to ensure that your closing questions always results in an insertion order
  • How to take the pressure out of closing and make it easy for your prospects to buy
  • Why asking for an insertion order is a costly mistake
  • Discover the Closing Tipping Point (When prospects turn into advertisers)
  • How to identify your prospect's hidden concerns
  • How to overcome the stall and motivate your prospects to order today
  • How to turn your prospect's questions into closing opportunities
  • How to use objections to close the sale
  • What to do if you're lost for words
  • Dealing with the prospect that has decided not to order from you
  • What you must do if you can't close that sale at this time
  • Your prospect places the order by doing nothing – discover how
  • What you must never do after asking a closing question (This common mistake is costing you sales.)
  • When is the best time to close? (It's not when you think.)
  • How to land the account when your prospect is having difficulty making a decision
  • What you must always do before asking a closing question
  • How to overcome procrastination and turn objections into sales
  • Over 30 ready-to-use closing questions that turn prospects into advertisers

Order Now How to Design Magazine Ads that Sell (1 Audio CDs, approx 35 minutes)
While decision makers are not interested in dealing with a magazine salesperson who does little more than reiterate information found in the media kit, they welcome the opportunity to work with an industry expert. They’ll open their door and wallet to anyone who can share ideas and provide advice that will help them reach their business and marketing goals. How to Design Magazine Ads that Sell includes everything you need to know to become the expert that decision makers are look for.

  • A 14 point check list that measures a magazine ad's effectiveness
  • The 3 most effective headlines
  • How to make the headline more believable
  • 12 tips that guarantee the headline gets read
  • Powerful techniques that grab the reader's attention
  • How to increase readership of ads that don't have a headline
  • How to make a long headline easy to read
  • What the reader is looking for in a headline
  • When to include a brand name in the headline
  • How people read magazines and what attracts them to an ad
  • 9 ways to ensure the illustration grabs the reader's attention
  • When adding an illustration is a waste of ad space
  • Which type of illustrations have the highest readership
  • How to instantly make any illustration more effective
  • How to write a powerful lead-in sentence
  • How to make any ad more inviting and easy to read
  • 11 ways to keep body copy interesting
  • How to defy reading gravity and increase response
  • 7 formatting tips that ensure the ad gets read from beginning to end
  • The do's and don'ts of selecting the right type face
  • How to identify a benefit that will keep the reader interested
  • What you need to know about color, size, position, frequency and circulation

Order The Ultimate Ad Sales Library today and put the skills that you'll learn in this powerful program to the test for 60 days. You'll notice a dramatic increase in sales and earnings or we'll give you a full refund.

The Ultimate Ad Sales Library. 4 programs (a $139.80 value) only $99.95 CAN

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