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Increase your Ad Sales
by at least $300,000
within 18 months - GUARANTEED*

If you can answer "Yes" to the following 4 questions I'll show you how to increase your ad sales by at least $300,000 within the next 18 months and I'll guarantee the results.

  • Does your full page sell for $2,000 or more?
  • Is your total readership over 25,000?
  • Do you publish at least 6 issues per year?
  • Are you willing to spend 2 hours a day on new business development?

How can you guarantee sales results?
Because there is nothing magical about ad sales success. Sales is a skill, which means that success is a measurable and repeatable process and anyone that follows this process will realize a dramatic increase in sales. (Read How to Predict Ad Sales Success.)

Do I need to be an experienced ad salesperson to get these results?
Absolutely not because previous experience has little to do with future success and to prove this point just look at the thousands of experienced account executives, who have been selling ads for years, that are still struggling to make a living. If success depended upon experience, these individuals would all be rich but the truth is that no matter how hard they work, if they continue to use the same unproductive selling techniques they used in the past they'll get the same poor results. Success does not depend on what you've have done in the past, it depends on what you do tomorrow.

So what do I need to do to be successful in ad sales?
Sales success is a measurable and repeatable process and anyone that follows the process will do extremely well. But to succeed you need to know the rules of the game and in ad sales the rules are clearly defined. From prospecting to getting the insertion order there are specific skills and strategies that lead to success and there are costly pitfalls that you must avoid. So take a minute to Test Your Selling Skills, it will show you where your selling skills need improvement.

Why use a sales coach?
Working with a professional sales coach is the fastest way to grow your sales because a sales coach will eliminate trial and error. He'll show you exactly what top income earners are doing to grow rich selling magazine ads; he'll show you how to avoid common selling mistakes and he'll make recommendations that bring instant results. In short, working with a coach will fast track your sales because a coach will keep you focused on those activities that bring the highest return.

Who will be my coach?
You'll be working directly with Peter Ebner the author of the industry best seller Grow Rich Selling Magazine Ads. Peter will continuously review your progress and make recommendations that increase your sales and earnings.

How often will I report to Peter?
When you join Peter's exclusive sales team you'll be required to send Peter daily activity reports. Peter will review your daily reports and when necessary make immediate recommendations that keep you on track. One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional sales coach is that a coach can instantly identify and correct problems.

What's included in this program?
This is a turn-key Ad Sales System that includes everything you need to increase your sales by at least $300,000 within 18 months. Peter will;

  • Help you identify the most profitable ad sales markets.
  • Provide field-tested scripts that maximize prospecting results.
  • Supply probing questions that identify ad sales opportunities.
  • Show you how to make your CPM seem affordable and easy to accept.
  • Show you how to overcome objections and motivate your prospect to place an insertion order.
  • Work with you on a daily basis to provide solutions that maximize sales.

*100% Full Money Back Guarantee
Put this field-tested Sales Coaching Program to the test. Spend about 2 hours a day on new business development and you'll increase your sales by at least $300,000 within 18 months or you'll receive a full refund.

Free Sales Coaching discovery session
Find out what Sales Coaching will do for your magazine. Call Peter today, toll free at 1-877-321-6850 or complete the form below.





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