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Grow Rich
Magazine Ads

Over 150 field-tested tips, techniques and strategies that unlock the door to unlimited ad sales success

The days when you could sell magazine ads by calling on a prospect, hand him a media kit and show him that your publication reaches thousands of potential customers at a low CPM are dead and gone. Today’s decision makers are more sophisticated, they have a better understanding of their target market and they have more marketing options to consider.

Where at one time radio, direct mail, trade shows and magazines were the primary marketing tools, more and more decision makers are weighing the benefits of using low cost email campaigns and web marketing to increase sales, generate leads and improve branding.

Grow Rich Selling Magazine Ads will show you how the industry’s most successful account executives are driving sales in today’s competitive marketplace.

Dealing with Ad Agencies
When calling on ad agencies, top income earners are 5 to 6 times more successful than the average account executive. They know what advertising agencies want to hear and how to ensure that their magazine becomes part of the agency’s media plan.

RICC the secret to unlimited ad sales success
Why agencies don’t want to meet with ad salespeople
How to pique the ad agency’s interest and get the appointment
Learn to avoid common mistakes when dealing with ad agencies
Why you must stay away from media planners
How to ensure your book becomes part of the agency’s media plan
Why you must call on the account executive first
Going over the agency’s head
What you must do before sending a media kit to an ad agency

Power Presentations that sell
Ever wondered why some account executives are so successful? It’s because they take a different approach to ad sales. They realize that prospects are not interest in their magazine nor are they interested in advertising. Prospects want to deal with an industry expert that can help them reach their business goals.

How to sell a multi-tiered campaign instead of an ad
How to position yourself as an industry expert
Why you must stop sending media kits
Get rid of your rate card – it’s costing you sales
Never hand out a media kit at the beginning of a meeting
How to instantly build credibility and trust
Using Universal Wants to pique your prospect’s interest
Ted, Aim and Pam the only prospects you’ll ever deal with
How to present editorial content, demographics and circulation
How to sell frequency
How to overcome magazine advertising scepticism
How to sell against a magazine with a higher circulation
What you need to know about co-op advertisings
Why you must focus on ROI instead of CPM
How to sell against magazines with a higher paid subscription
How to sell against web and direct mail marketing

Grow your client base
Most of us have been led to believe that our income is directly related to the number of cold calls we make. In other words, if you want to double or triple your earnings, all you need to do is work that much harder and although this approach does work, it only works on the low end of the income scale. While anyone, with little or no prospecting skills, can knock on enough doors to earn 40 thousand dollars a year, the odds are against them surpassing this income level unless they add one additional ingredient – skill.

80% of all prospects can be sold
Discover the prospecting Tipping Point
Why you must always prospect at the top
Double your appointments by avoiding this prospecting mistake
How to reach hard to reach decision makers
Sure-fire techniques that get you past any secretary
Stop being blocked by voice mail
Discover the magic words that every decision maker wants to hear
How to instantly differentiate your publication
The 2 words you must never use
“Farming” the best kept secret of high income earners
The only two decision makers you should call on
How to close for the appointment
Why you must never leave your phone number
Door to door canvassing techniques that get results
How to instantly find out anything you want to know about your prospect

Turn objections into sales
How many accounts are you losing every month when your prospects say,

  • I'm not interested
  • I'm happy with my existing marketing campaign
  • Let me think it over and I'll get back to you
  • Not now. Call me in 6 months
  • I'd like to discuss this with my ad agency/partner first
  • Just send me a media kit
  • Magazine advertising doesn't pay off
  • Our dealers do all our advertising
  • We've decided to hold off until the fall
Chance are you’re losing plenty, but needlessly so. Although objections are part of the selling process they should not be costing you sales. You’ll discover the time-tested responses that easily overcome all objections and turn them into orders. Plus you'll learn,

How to instantly tell if an objection is true or false
What you must never do after handling an objection
How to avoid answering the objection
The first thing you must do when your prospect objects
How to eliminate objections by addressing them before they occur
What you must recognize about first objections
A powerful technique that breaks down the prospect's resistance

Eliminate price competition
The majority of salespeople are quick to hand out a media kit and rate card and most prospects have learned to take full advantage of this situation. No matter how competitive our rate we still hear “Thanks, I’ll get back to you” and off they go in search of an even lower CPM. You'll discover the field-tested techniques that top income earners use to eliminate price competition.

How to avoid common mistakes when dealing with price
The only time to tell your prospect the price
What you must never do after mentioning the price
How to make any price seem affordable and easy to accept
Why you must stop handing out rate cards
Why you must be the last to submit a proposal
Up-selling techniques that really work
How to sell against a magazine with a lower CPM
How to deal with discount requests
What to do when the prospect shows you a lower rate card
Why sharing new ideas can be a costly mistake
How to use the Price Difference Close
How to use the Ad Shuffle to eliminate price competition
How to close the sale when your prospect says,

  • I can place the same ad in your competitor's magazine for less
  • This is too expensive
  • We don’t have the budget
  • This cost more than I thought

Secrets of the master closer
Although the presentation is the greatest factor influencing the prospect’s buying decision, even with the best presentation skills you’ll still lose as many as 8 out of 10 sales. Just because you’ve sold the prospect on the benefits of advertising in your magazine does not mean that he will run a campaign – he’ll buy from the salesperson that closes him.

How to make it easy for the prospect to commit to a campaign
How to motivate your prospect to order today
How to close the sale without asking the prospect to buy
How to use objections to close the sale
Increase your sales by avoiding this common closing mistake
Discover why you must never ask for the order
A powerful technique that tells you if your prospect is ready to order
How to uncover hidden concerns before asking a closing question
Discover the Closing Tipping Point
What you must never do after closing
Remote Closing – how to close by phone
Over 20 powerful, yet easy-to-use closing techniques

Help your clients with expert advice
Your prospect’s don’t want to deal with a magazine salesperson, they want to work with someone who can make suggestions and offer ideas; preferably an expert in the field and they’ll gladly pay a premium to anyone who can increase their probability of success and reduce their risk of failure. You’ll discover the field-tested techniques the top advertising agencies use to maximize magazine ad response.

Understanding how magazine ads are read
Expert advice on photography and illustrations
What your clients need to know about headlines
Body copy that sells
Expert advice on formatting
Expert advice on positioning, color, frequency, circulation and size

Order Grow Rich Selling Magazine Ads today and put the skills that you'll learn in this powerful new book to the test for the next 60 days. If you don't notice a dramatic increase in sales simply return the book and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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