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How to
Design Magazine Ads
that SELL

Discover the proven and tested techniques that North Americaís top advertising agencies rely on to design powerful magazine ads and use this information to build credibility by sharing ideas with your clients.

While decision makers are not interested in dealing with a magazine salesperson who does little more than reiterate information found in the media kit, they welcome the opportunity to work with an industry expert. Theyíll open their door and wallet to anyone who can share ideas and provide advice that will help them reach their business and marketing goals.

How to Design Magazine Ads that Sell includes everything you need to know to become the expert that decision makers are look for.

How to supercharge your clientís headline
It has often been said that the headline accounts for 90% of the ad, because if the reader doesnít like the headline he wouldn't read the rest of the copy. You'll discover the secret to writing a powerful headline that grabs the reader's attention.

  • The 3 most effective headlines
  • How to make the headline more believable
  • 12 tips that guarantee the headline gets read
  • Powerful techniques that grab the readerís attention
  • How to increase readership of ads that donít have a headline
  • Why a slogan should not be used in the headline
  • How to make a long headline easy to read
  • Why the headline should not be set in uppercase
  • What the reader is looking for in a headline
  • When to include a brand name in the headline

How to supercharge your clientís illustration
Whether the ad is designed to dazzle the reader with a powerful image or impress with simplicity, the illustration has one overshadowing purpose Ė to grab the readerís attention. Youíll discover simple techniques that will make your clientís illustrations and photographs more effective.

  • How people read magazines and what attracts them to an ad
  • Will adding a photo or illustration increase readership?
  • 9 ways to ensure the illustration grabs the readerís attention
  • Why the illustration must focus on one product or idea
  • When adding an illustration is a waste of ad space
  • Which type of illustrations have the highest readership
  • How to instantly make any illustration more effective
  • Why illustrations must always be placed at the top of the ad

How to supercharge your clientís message
Now that the reader has stopped at your clientís ad comes that moment of truth Ė will their message get read? Well the fact is it won't unless the format is inviting and easy to read. Youíll discover over 20 proven and tested copywriting and formatting techniques that will coax the reader into reading your client's ad.

  • How to write a powerful lead-in sentence
  • Does long copy get read?
  • Why lighthearted or humorous copy doesn't sell
  • How to make any ad more inviting and easy to read
  • 11 ways to keep body copy interesting
  • How to defy reading gravity and increase response
  • 7 formatting tips that ensure the ad gets read from beginning to end
  • The do's and don'ts of selecting the right type face
  • How to write copy that holds the readerís attention
  • How to identify a benefit that will keep the reader interested


  • A 14 point check list that measures a magazine adís effectiveness
  • What you need to know about color, size, position, frequency and circulation

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