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Making a strong presentation that justifies your price and shows the prospect the benefits of ordering from you is a complete waste of time unless you follow through with the final, all important step and close the sales, because prospects don't order from the salesperson that sold them - they order from the person the closes them.

Read the following scenario and see if you can identify at least 5 costly closing mistakes. Then try to answer the following 10 skill testing questions.

Closing scenario. Can you identify the 5 costly mistakes?
This is Tom's second meeting with Pat, the purchasing agent. Tom has just made a powerful presentation that justified his price and showed Pat the benefits of ordering from him so Tom is ready to ask for the order.

Tom: Pat our equipment is perfectly suited to print your brochures so can I go-ahead with this job? And as I've mentioned we have over 30 years of printing experience so you'll be very satisfied with our work.

Pat: I like what you've shown me but I still have a few more quotes to look at, so why don't you call me next week and I'll give you an answer.

Tom: Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to talking to you next week.

Skill testing questions
1. Most prospects will try to delay making a buying decision. What technique will allow you to overcome procrastination?

2. What response would turn these common objections into sales?
Let me think it over and I`ll get back to you.
I need to talk to my partner first.
I'd like to look at a few more quotes before I decide.

3. What must you never do after asking a closing question? (This common mistake is costing you sales.)

4. Most salespeople know one closing technique but most sales do not occur until the ______ closing attempt.

5. Closing at the wrong time can be a costly mistake. When is the only time to close? (Hint. It's not at the end of the presentation.)

6. Why should you never ask for the order?

7. How can you test the water to see if your prospect is ready to be closed?

8. Instead of placing the order the prospect says I'm still not sure about the stock, so why don't you get back to me next week. How would you close the sale now?

9. Give 5 examples of how to land the job without asking the prospect to buy.

10. Prospect: If I gave you an order, could I get these brochures within 2 weeks? Salesperson: Absolutely, in fact our new press can turn this job around in about 2 days. What closing mistake did this salesperson just make?

Nothing will have a great impact on your sales then developing your closing skills
Not to minimize the importance of making a powerful presentation, but if you haven't mastered your closing skills you are losing sales. Order Secrets of the Master Closer today and discover the field-tested closing techniques that the industry's most successful print salespeople are already using to land more jobs.

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