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Thursday, October 31st, 2019
12:00 - 1:30 pm Eastern Time

Most salespeople are quick to write quotes and most prospects have learned to take full advantage of this situation. No matter how competitive our price we still hear "Thanks, I'll get back to you" and off they go in search of an even lower price. And why shouldn't they? Printing has turned into a commodity where price is often the primary point of differentiation.

Yet top income earners rarely lose jobs to lower prices because they've learned to use sure-fire techniques that eliminate price competition and allow them to land the job even when theirs is the highest quote. These are precisely the techniques that you'll learn when you attend this powerful webinar.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn.

  • How to out-sell the competition on every quote without lowering your price
  • Eliminate procrastination; learn how to motivate your prospects to order today
  • How to close the prospect that says "I need 3 quotes before I decide"
  • A powerful technique that turns a quote request into an order
  • How to sell the prospect that is shopping for the lowest price
  • Five rules you must follow when dealing with price
  • How to make any price seem more affordable and easy to accept
  • Learn to use the PAPER SHUFFLE - a powerful quoting technique
  • How to handle discount requests
  • How to differentiate your services
  • Up-selling techniques that increase profits
  • How to close the prospect that says "This job costs more than I thought"
  • What you must do if you cannot be competitive on a specific job
  • What you must never do after giving the price; this mistake is costing you sales
  • How to close the prospect that says "I can get this same job elsewhere for less"
  • What you must always get from your prospect before writing a quote
  • Probing questions that make closing easy
  • Remote Closing techniques - how to sell by phone
  • How to get permission to change the specs
  • How to close the sales when the prospect says "We don't have the budget"
  • Why your fast and efficient service is costing you sales
  • How to use objections to close the sale
  • Why you must be the last to submit a quote
  • How to turn company weaknesses into strengths
  • How to sell the prospect that is happy with his printer
  • How to prevent your prospects from comparing competitive quotes
  • A simple technique that instantly tells you if an objection is true
  • Plus much, much more

. . . . . . . . What you need to know about price . . . . . . . .

If you think back to the number of jobs you've lost to prospects who said "Your price is too high" you'd think that price is of paramount importance when it fact it accounts for less than 20% in the decision making process. During a recent survey we contacted the decision makers at over 200 businesses and ask them what they look for when buying printing? Less than 10% indicated that price was their primary concern.

If prospects are not that concerned about price why are they always raising price objections?
The main reason that we lose jobs to lower quotes is because our presentation forces our prospects to base their buying decision on price.

How does my presentation force the prospect to look for the lowest price?
Prospects compare quotes by looking for points of differentiation and when you quote your prospect's exact specs then the only distinguishing feature between you and the competition is the price. In other words, your presentation is forcing the prospect to focus on price.

Why don't I get the job when I submit the lowest quote?
When calling on a new prospect you're not competing on a level playing field. The field is heavily slanted in favour of the prospect's existing supplier because changing printers involves inconvenience and risk and prospects will only change suppliers if the benefit outweigh this risk. Unfortunately, a lower price is rarely a strong enough benefit, because in most cases the prospect will show your competitive quote to his existing supplier; who will match it. As a result the prospect gets low price without the risk and inconvenience of making a change.

Don't prospects also consider quality and service when making a buying decision?
No, they expect it! In today's marketplace, delivering a quality job and providing outstanding service is the minimum requirement for doing business not the reason that someone should order from you.

Winning at the quoting game has little to do with price
By implementing proper quoting techniques and strategies you can eliminate price competition and consistently land the job even when yours is the highest quote and these are precisely the techniques that you'll learn when you attend this workshop.

Put the field-tested quoting skills that you'll learn at this webinar to the test for the next 60 days. If you don't notice a dramatic increase in sales and profits or if for any reason whatsoever you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we'll give you a full refund.

How to Eliminate the Price Driven Sale is an open-mike webinar. To accommodate participant's questions, registration is limited to 25. To guarantee your place register today.

Register Online - Only $69.95 Canadian