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Whether you're prospecting for new business or closing the sale, objections are an intricate part of the sales process and anyone that has been selling printing for more than a day has heard their prospects say:

I'm happy with my printer
I'm not interested
We have in-house printing
Just mail me your brochure
I'm too busy to meet right now
I have a friend in the business
We always select the lowest price
Just quote my exact specs
This costs more than I thought
This is $500 too expensive
I want a 10% discount
I can get the same job elsewhere for less
I want to look at a few more quotes before I decide
We don't have the budget
Let me think it over and I'll get back to you
I want to discuss this with my partner first

But objections should not be costing you sales.

On-Demand Webinar
You're less than 90 minutes away from print sales success.

Watch to this powerful webinar today and discover how the printing industry's most successful account executives are landing more jobs by overcome their prospect's resistance and turning objections into sales.


Workbbook Download the Turn Objections into Sales Workbook (PDF). 

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

  • How to eliminate common objections
  • How to land the job without answering the objection
  • The best time to respond to an objection. (It's not when you think)
  • Why addressing the prospect's first objection is a waste of time
  • A simple test that instantly tells you if the objection is true or false
  • The first thing you must do when your prospect objects
  • What you must never do after handling an objection
  • How to overcome common objections before they occur
  • Field-tested responses that turn objections into sales
  • How to overcome the stall and motivate your prospects to order today
  • How to use the Trial Close to eliminate objections
  • 7 rules that make handling any objection easy
  • An objection is an indication that the prospect is ready to buy - discover why
  • Understanding why objections occur and learn to control them
  • How to cushion your response and bring down your prospect's guard
  • How to use objections to improve your presentation
  • How to turn objections into benefits

. . . . . . . . Plus you'll learn . . . . . . . .

How to prevent common objections from occurring
The industry's most successful account executives hear 70% few objections then the average salesperson. Watch this powerful webinar and you'll learn how to increase your sales by eliminating common objections before they occur.

How to use objections to close the sale
You'll discover a powerful closing question that; instantly tells you if the objection is true; identifies the prospect's hidden concerns and turns the objection into a sale.

How to get your prospects to answer their own objections
Never again get stumped by an unexpected objection. You'll discover a powerful response that forces your prospects to answer their own objections.

Field-tested responses that turn objections into sales
Don't take "No" for an answer. You'll discover field-tested responses that overcome the prospect's resistance and turn objections into sales.

Put the field-tested skills and strategies that you'll learn during this webinar to the test for 60 days and you'll notice a dramatic increase in sales and earnings or we'll give you a full refund.