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How much do you get paid for finding a new prospect?
How much do you earn for making a persuasive presentation?
What do you get for providing solutions to your prospect's printing problems?
How much of a bonus do you receive for overcoming an objection?

So far you haven't earned a cent. Only in the little league do you get credit and praise for effort; in sales you only get paid for results.

Making a presentation is a waste of time
Making a strong presentation that justifies your price and shows the prospect the benefits of ordering from you is a complete waste of time unless you follow through with the final, all important step and close the sale, because prospects don't order from the person that sold them - they order from the person that closes them. Watch this powerful webinar and discover the easy to use closing techniques that turn prospects into paying customers.

On-Demand Webinar
You're less than 60 minutes away from print sales success.

Discover how the industry's most successful account executives are overcoming the stall and turning prospects into paying customers. Only $49.95 US. See About On-Demand Webinars for complete webinar info.

Workbbook Download Secrets of the Master Closer Workbook (PDF).

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

  • How to close the sale without asking the prospect to buy
  • What you must never do after closing the prospect. (This common mistake is costing you sales.)
  • When is the best time to close? (It's not when you think.)
  • How to motivate your prospect to order now
  • Using objections to close the sale
  • A simple technique that will instantly double your closing rate
  • Discover the "Closing Tipping Point"
  • Why asking for the order is a costly mistake
  • 7 closing rules you need to know
  • How to turn your prospect's questions into closing opportunities
  • How to close the prospect that wants to think it over
  • Your prospects will place the order by doing nothing discover how
  • How to land the job when your prospect is having difficulty making a decision
  • How to take the pressure out of closing and make it easy for your prospects to order
  • How to test your prospect's buying readiness and guarantee a favourable response to your closing question
  • What you must always do before asking a closing question
  • Over 20 easy-to-use, yet powerful questions that close the sale

-------------------------- Plus you'll learn --------------------------

Learn to test the waters before asking a closing question
Closing at the wrong time can be a deadly mistake. When you ask your prospect to buy and the answer is "No" you have just dug yourself into a hole from which it's difficult to escape. You now have a serious objection to overcome and you're facing a prospect that will vigorously defend his or her reason for not buying now. You can totally avoid this situation. Watch this webinar and you'll discover how to measure the prospect's buying readiness and accurately predict the outcome to your closing question.

How to overcome the stall and move the sale forward
Learn how to close the sale when your prospects say "Let me think it over" or "I want to talk to my partner first" and you'll discover a powerful technique that top income earners use to eliminate procrastination.

Make it easy for the prospect to say "Yes"
The close is the most critical part of the sale. It is where all your efforts come together and the sale hangs in the balance and all it takes is a wrongly worded question to lead your prospect to say "No" and you walk away with nothing. Watch this webinar and you'll discover the field-tested closing questions that turn prospects into paying customers.

Put the closing skills that you'll learn during this webinar to the test for the next 60 days. If you don't notice a dramatic increase in sales and profits or if for any reason whatsoever you're not completely satisfied with the results, we'll give you a full refund.